Beautiful Cuba

the brown and orange is a cool color combo, the second image (wave?) is alittle wierd, mabey just the tree would be better

Watch this

nice image


i like it in banana, nice work


Oh yeah, paint is great. I dig pixelated raster images. You wouldn't have guessed, would you? MS Paint is also now host to simple actionscript as well!


looks too much like a shirt tourists would buy.


I like the colours


It's supposed to look like an old tourist shirt made by someone with a silkscreen and "outdated design skills". That's the intended feel. On top of this, it's from Cuba, where although they aren't as impoverished and poor as the US claims them to be, they also don't massive modern high tech and full color shirt printing factories in abundance.


i'm not a big fan of the design, it seems like all of the little areas, like the waves and the text are too seperate from the palm tree. i think it would be 100% better if you gathered everything in a bit, and added some black or another dark colors so we can see it! not a fan of the aqua color, either.

Ava Adore

i would never wear a right blue teal tee, i dont wish to blind anyone.


ewwww teal.

the idea is alright, but i dont really think id support it by buying one.


I like Grey.


i would wear teal/blue, but i don't think that color combo is quite so stunning as some of the others with stronger contrasts are.


I like your concept. It makes the shirt. The text is however too precise and perfect for the intended feel. I'm not sure how I'd go about remedying it, but I'd suggest looking at shirt lettering in thrift shops. Somehow I feel that may help.


I think this is incredible.....
simple and cool....
brown and orange, and the 2nd creamy color schemes are the best.....


I love it, I'd make the outline black though, and perhaps make it look a little more vintage or something.

Poncho Bebop

The more i look at it, the more i like it. I REALLY like most of the color combos. Is simple, but... i don't know, it just makes me happy.


its okay and that's aqua not light teal....

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