• by cypher860
  • posted Sep 27, 2004

sorry about misspelling enlightenment, it was too late before i realize my mistake.

Watch this

he looks kind of like Big Brother--scary, but cool.


that cracks me up.. how do you mispell that? lol


i really like it, maybe a less orange brown but thats not that big of a deal

traces of nuts

this is a nice piece, however boxing it limits it (-enlightened about what? the box in which you live?) but nice graphics nice execution (barring the spelling… but…bah!?


why must ghandi be cheapened for the sake of your boring shirt?

tasty palet

ok u r worng Ghandi is not a Buddah ok. i dont think he was a buddhist


he was a hindu. he lived according to Hindu teachings "brahmacharja." i protrayed the image of buddha in the image as of living. sorry if i applied him as a buddhist, but they are very similar in aspect.


this is pretty cool. Maybe if it was in a differant color it'd be better.

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