Stop Sucking (Alternate)

Ahahaha this is the best goddam shirt.. ahahahaha

Watch this

however id like to see the word "stop sucking" on it somewhere


Oh man. That is awesome !


Yeah. Actually would like the phrase on this this time, especially with that lettering.


way sweet, and way hillarious.


Copperplate is wrong for that shirt.


I like the tan/middle one myself.


Green = nice. very cool and original.


to graphikone- yeah, if I were to caption it, I wouldn't use Copperplate.

Thanks for the comments! :)


the copperplate is cool with me. It balances the design quite nicely. It looks fresh.


i give it a 5, it rocks... it reminds me of this thing i saw on real tv where the guy got sucked into the jet engine on the carrier...and LIVED! gasp

...thats jes me, anyways...

i'd like a skinnier person on the front!


Good call to NOT put on the text.... jolly grafix >5....
the engine is a bit floating..


Skylla- yeah, I couldn't figure out how to make it look better, though. I tried to anchor it, but it looked blah...

provocative threat

awesome design.
i dont think it needs the font.
& i really like khaki version.

Revolt One

Great shirt! ........What are the chances everyone Copyrights what they post,..........I start to wonder if clothing cave mites send there henchmen out to Threadless to gank designs.......
I've seen some great designs on Threadless so I hope posting here is copyright enough.....

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