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  • by zegazong
  • posted Jul 15, 2004

this is cute :)

i think the balloons are too big? but maybe it would look different on

Watch this

the color is sweet

hey_barn profile pic Alumni

I would like it better with just 1 or 2 balloons, centred. Very nice, clean style you have though!


very nice colors & design!


im not sure about the tshirt colour but its sweet overall


the colors are great! tho i agree about the t-shirt color. overall the concept is fun... elephants and ballons! nice.


ballons are hott. nice work but too many and too big


i love it the way it is, i think if you made it just one balloon it wouldnt look would just be a boring normal blaaah tee i want this shirt






I like it but I want to see it with the balloons in different places. It should have that feeling of objects drifting through space, but something is not quite right. Look how those two sets of balloons on the right touch in basically the same place, creating not a random wind-blown look, but instead two identical shapes. Perhaps if the larger balloons were on the lower left side and got smaller going up to the right this would give more depth. This is how people see things, closer objects first, and looking from left to right. You have very creative use of colors. It appears to be many different ones, but I could only count four. This design is so much fun that I couldn't help but comment. It's so close to being great!


I really hope this shirt wins so I can buy it.

Don Danger

this one was good, really good, I whould check two times at it in a store...the colours and everything. nice!

belles and bombs

hmmm. modest mouse? its kinda cool though.. but still. dont go dipping into that pot again.


I second that there should be fewer balloons. I'd go with just one.

wedge girl

Just have one, or else I wouldn't buy it. Maybe that's just me though... I like the idea and the colors!


oh man. i love hot air balloons..and those elephants are real cute. this design is defineitly cute but id play around with the sizing. they are way too big.


i think that you have too many balloons on the shirt... i would go with just on that is centered or over the heart.


i really like it, but not the colors of the balloons... that green and mustard color dont look good together, in my opinion. i'd still wear it though.


too big.


I like it! Nice job. Mmm, good.

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