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Two colours against red T-shirt. Design is a mock movie poster of a fictitious "pulp fiction" film. Hope you guys like it! Thanks!

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There is alot going on on this tee, a little too much for just a shirt. But it is nicely done, a great poster.


This t-shirt is really nice but I mean really nice. One of the best I seen since I rate Tee.


I wish I could zoom, but good job anyways.


more shitty grunge shit. but i like fake advertising things.

mariofan profile pic Alumni

vnice vnice!


clever self-advertisement ala movie poster. rather pseudo-Japanese. great design! wondering if the face is a real teenage star though...


i find it funny that the 4 stars are in quotations. i wonder what all the text say, im sure it'll be good for a laugh. nice concept. it might be too big for a print though.


a little smaller on the shirt would be nice


Nice colors... and the boy in it is extra cute... hmmm.. =P

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