The Groundspeed of Joy

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Up Up Up, move it up

lebonbon profile pic Alumni

an aeroplane tied to a pizza slice?


Fuck it dude..I would be this one. (I think it would be cool if the mountain were high on the shirt and the trail longer..but it's cool.)


I quite like the concept but the three elements (heart, mountain and plane) feel like they were never intended to be put together like this, the styles are all quite different (almost clip art ish). The strongest part is the shape of that heart.


plane, mountain and shape good. but maybe other than a heart. hearts, crosses… to cliché.


I dont like the loop lines... Could do without the heart.

sneaky flutes

I like it but I don't like the heart.

Also I'm sick of seeing everyone complaining about the designs being off center and saying "PUT IT IN THE MIDDLE HURR HURR" Designs that are off center are little bit more interesting.


Lose the mountain and with just the plane somehow.

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