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  • by brighteye
  • posted Oct 04, 2005

So I've heard a lot of people say this is a "girls" shirt. So what do you think, could a guy pull it off or no?

I'm currently mulling it over.

Watch this

i'll probably buy it once i have some spare change, and im a guy.


just get it. It's a babe-magnet.


it kind of looks more like something a girl would wear, but if I saw a guy wearing this, I would that was awesome!!!


If a guy wore this, I'd cling to him like a baby koala. :]

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i love this shirt...so i guess anybody wearing that shirt means that i love that person too?


I wish there were guys around here who would wear that. My college sucks sometimes.


go for it. its a kick ass shirt, nuff said


Hehe, my girlfriend and I both thought this was a great shirt. I backed off so that she could get it, but then she bought it for me instead.


I'm gonna wear mine, and I'm off the scale on any common or garden manometer.


I've just bought this and I'm a guy (well, I was last time I checked anyway!) I'm not bothered if people think it's girly - it's beautiful and one of the best illustrations I've ever seen on Threadless. To all the guys out there who like this tee - buy it. We can all be girly together!!

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d3d : just make sure it's not inserted in another mans behind whilst wearing it... so as not to cause further confusion

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Na.. I'm definitely buying this.. as Wildy said this is one of the best illustrations threadless has printed




when i wear it, i'll make sure my ween is hanging out, too


littlem, maybe you should wear a fake beard too. you'd look totally like a girl if you wore that shirt.


I've got a beard and got this shirt in the mail today.

I don't have any insecurities about wearing awesome shirts.

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