wow im pissed

  • by bscuarred
  • posted Apr 22, 2005
Watch this

pretty shady

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You've got to be kidding...

You obviously don't watch many b-grade films from the 50s and 60s.

The whole "I was a teenage..." was its own genre of film,
much like the 50s invaders from outer space flicks, or the disaster movies of the 70s

One of the more notorious films of this genre was one which starred a young Michael Landon (Of Little House on the Prarie, and Highway to Heaven fame) titled "I was a Teenage Werewolf" (1957)

You'll find more of these films if you search for them on imdb..but wait, I've saved you the effort:;tt=on;nm=on;mx=20


I have no idea which one came first as i had never seen Hot Topic before today but that last is sooooo blatantly ripped.

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I take back what I said about it not being a rip after seeing those others... damn they'd better not have bitten JC


I agree with your early comment Eskimo kiss, the teenage monster one is a tebnuous one as the image is different and it's not an original phrase. I would howver like a shirt with that phrase but the image just being Pa Ingles.

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I named my Tee after an old Oingo Boingo outtake called "I was a teenage monster" . It's an obvious pastiche of the horror movies of the 50s and 60s so this could be a coincident. ..

But it seems that Hot Topic has a habit of stealing Threadless Tees.


It's a shame if this happens a lot, i read someones comments on another blog (cant remember which) saying that they had seen some shirts for sale somewhere like south east asia ,that were rips from designs on here. Unfortunately, as well as bringing everyone together t'internet is also making thieving easier.


OK, the Pop T. ripoff is so unbelieveable blatant. I mean same colors, same bubbles, same white drop shadow. Fuck Hot Topic (not that I ever cared for them before) but now I'm going to get pissed any time I walk by one of those shit stores.


This question is for a Threadless employee, but everyone else feel free to chime in. What happens if people start stealing the designs that you aren't printing? That would really suck to see your t-shirt show up somewhere, and know you were never compensated. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

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Actually, come to think of it, I just remembered that earlier this year I walked past a bargain shop (or what we call a $2 shop here) in Manly (Sydney Aust.) where nothing was over $10.

They had many T-shirts on display inside and outside the store. Diesel rips, soccer jersey rips etc.

One stuck out like a sore thumb... 'Radios' on a bright yellow shirt. I went in to see if they had anymore designs which were stolen from threadless, but that was the only one I could see

I even took a photo on my mobile phone (of the shirt and the tag) with the intention of sending it to the threadless team, but I've since lost my phone :/


This is retarded (the ripping, not the thread) and sad to see. So many people put huge amounts of effort into their submissions, and some really, really talented people are here also, but now who knows if their work will be stolen, by Hot Topic of all people. That store made me want to throw up the first time I saw it, now I wish there was one here just so I could waltz in and do just that. I'm sorry for anyone who's had this happen - especially 'Radios' - and maybe T-less could think of a way to make this a more "members only" type site to protect what is up here and not printed through skinnyCorp.


Any SkinnyCorp employees want to chime in on this one?


check out the 3rd message number4


I saw that message, I meant about chiming in on the issue of non-winning submission and the possibility of them being stolen. I mean are the non-winning submission protected, legally?


Well, I will answer for sC. I am looking into going after these horrible people - there's a couple in Singapore, one in France, one in Denmark, and Hot Topic, so far. Next week I'm working with our lawyer to copyright all of the designs - which is going to be quite the headache. That will give us the legal backing we need, but does not necessarily mean that it will do anything. These other countries have their own rules. And my gut tells me that Hot Topic is within their legal limits - as they've already said to one designer, it was not stolen - it was inspired by Threadless. Hopefully our shady lawyer can figure out some loophole. We pay him in tshirts.

As for non-winning submissions.... there's nothing protecting them, unless the designer looked into it. However, under the US rules, if you can prove the time/date the design was created, then it is copyright, but in order to have legal backing it must be registered and officially have the copyright attached to it.

So that was long, but we're trying over here.


I don't really see a close enough connection between the shirts for it to be a real problem.

Starting with the Pop T and the "We go Way Back" shirts...The only connection between them that I can see is that they're both outlines of things and they both have a game controller. The basic message is completly different.

The "Secret Pizza Party" and the Mario shirt are also pretty different. The colors aren't exactly the same, and the subject matter is completly different. The style/basic color theme is something I've seen used before. Nothing completly original.

So what if they look somewhat similar at a distance? Like you've never ever seen shirts before that use similar styles? Since when is it not okay to borrow ideas and styles from other things to form your own design? Sure, it's not the best thing to do- but everybody is guilty of it from time to time. It almost seems like you guys are just fishing for trouble.


I was over in seattle a few weeks ago and walked past hot topic and saw the exact teenage monster shirt.
it pissed me off

Fall Down Go Boom

Aren't these Hot Topic stores riding on the 'originality' bandwagon as well?
Nothing is sacred on the internet. Never has, never will be. Thats not to say I'm not very angry at these people.

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