Saturday night fever...

Not quite as cool as it looked in my head, but stil groovy

Watch this

monday morning...

david page

needs to be on a black tee


colors look wrong to me. get an actual MLB or NBA logo and match the colors.


I don't know how I feel about the concept, it seems kind of stupid... you also might want to lose the white, and just use the shirt color.


Neither of the concepts are exactly new anymore, but changing the colors might improve it.


you should try it on black or white it would look better


What is this...a disco/baseball hybrid? Argh!

Copper Chesterpot

Actually, now that I look at it again, I think it's grown on me. I'll give it a 4.


My hat's to you CopperChesterpot, clever... but still a 0

Copper Chesterpot

Are you trying to be clever by using a similar name? Nice try, buddy. Your username doesn't even have a space in it. Try harder.


If you're really into baseball, and persuaded by the same sex, then it's time to rejoice!


The colours ARE colourmatched from an NBA logo! It's darker than you think on the original.
Like the idea of using this shirt colour though instead of the white. Didn't think of that.


I love disco and the design works, but i could see these guys printing it though.


Whoops I meant couldn't see them printing it


Good idea, resumbit this with the above suggestions and you have got a winner.

theOuterOne profile pic Alumni

I want one, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tight design. fix it up a bit. i wouldn't wear it, but i know 392483 people that would.


I agree wih the different color thing


this might've been clever ten years ago, when every subculture with $15 bucks for a t-shirt adapted the MLB logo to work for them.
the pea green shirt isn't helping your case one bit.


You know what'd be cool? Wearing this shirt in a club and actually doing that pose on the dancefloor! Killer.

You know what's ironic? They burnt piles of disco records at a Yankees game in New York at the end of the 70's. Pity that pose didn't die with them.


well, they showed reruns of 'saturday night fever' and what with john travolta's renewed fame after 'pulp fiction' people all of a sudden thought it was cool again. just like all the damn bellbottom pants they've made in the last several years (i mean, come on...whose ankles are THAT fat?)




I like this a lot, I also think that it would look good on any colour T. Definately a friday night party shirt!


bad color, decent design.

vwoop profile pic Alumni

ive seen thi. its been sold in stores before. there is nothing new here.


it's sad, really. that inflateable actually took the effort to do this design. I believe he/she really made it, because it's too obvious to steal. It's comendable, and sad at the same time. The only reason one would do this is to fish for recognition of being hip or cool. Put your efforts behind something that you love, and that truely inspires you and your work will show improvement markedly. i give a 0


i didn't really notice it before, but inflateable-did you know your username is misspelled?


username is misspelled on purpose so it's always available when I register somewhere.

Ianpatrick, I can tell your sincere, but really..trying to be hip and cool by submitting teeshirt designs to an obscure website? Is anyone truly that sad? Teeshirts are fun, designing them is fun, and this logo is fun.

End of story.

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