Everything ends

  • by ferro_man
  • posted Mar 30, 2004


Watch this

I like it. Nice design.


nice. I like somthing with a nice, simple symbol.


nice approach... darker color and i'd take it


i agree with having it on a darker color and im not sure about whats going on in the back, but i love the idea and i'd definitely wear it.


I like it- maybe extend the lines so it's not so boxed in? Or make it slightly larger....

Erik Dellea

Cool T but what do I tell people "boomfen4" means?


Other color and you're mine!


very simple, very nice,


looks like a direct copy of a warning from a compressed air can. good or bad?


I agree with BlueH20color. . . unoriginal.


i would like to see some of this extend outside the box but otherwise nice illustration


i really like this, maybe enlarge it a little, but not a lot. i'd buy it


finally someone who is using some interesting text


this is just from the WARNING PI picture font family coloured in.

not so smart.

still approapriation is another form of art.

DSNLG profile pic Alumni

Isn't that just an icon from a typeface? The lowercase t from Warning?

DSNLG profile pic Alumni

Haha, Jawa beat me to the punch while I was checking my sources. Hey DSNLG isn't your last post just a rip-off of Jawas?


yeah maybe bigger and if parts of it spilled off the box it would be cool. but i love the colours and i love the feeling of it


DSNLG stop re-approapriating yourself. its like incest.


in these times, this tee might just be to much to the point! sorry.


its just a hazzard sign, i'm sure the artist is aware of what it is. whatever, its appropriation as was mentioned, but then design IS appropriation, no?

we still have no word on what "BOOMFEN4" means, the designers tag maybe? a company name? i think it can be lost eitherway.


yes it is the warning sign but modified and put in a different context from where it's been used in the past to protect people and warn of harm. It to me stands for not being warned or scared. being free.

BOOM is the sound things make when they blow up and FEN4 stands for ruling your world. FEN4 YOURSELF, also its a group of 4 talented people that get together to try to make something of there existance.

anistrophic: it is/was my tag also but has evolved into something greater.


i love it. nice concept.


It's great. And so what if it's from a font. So are letters!!!
This one also has the text: "Everything Ends". Probably there to make you think about existential stuff, right?
Anyway this is not just a rip off of the explosive danger symbol.

Bleeding Teers

Hurry up and print this so i can buy it. well expressed simple but big (the best way to go)

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