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  • by arzie13
  • posted Mar 23, 2004

NIce, nice, nice. I like the brown scribble on the black bird, I wonder if there could be more

Watch this
jbyron profile pic Alumni

fantastic. I'd sport this with some jeans and be the envy of all my friends.


love this, well i love birds and tech graphics though, so this rocks


cool, but move the design closer to the center. i can't help but not find the off-center placement as innovative and different and thought provoking as it may seem.


Good deal, nice artwork.

flembo profile pic Alumni

very nice. i like the textures you've given to the orange bird, as well as the color scheme.
the placement isn't exactly to my liking. i'm more partial to centered designs.

DSNLG profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the kind words all. As I mention here I think having the design centered or up over the left breast makes it look like it's trying to be something it's not. I don't see the illustration as confrontational enough to be a front and center design.

I think the placement in the lower left leads the eye somewhere it doesn't normally go - which kind of makes up for the lack of message in the design.

That was my thought/intent anyway.


Hey... where's that beak going?!?! Great submission, totally aces man!

DSNLG profile pic Alumni

You had to take it there, Reverend Doctor "I-didn't-go-to-eight-years-of-lurv-college-to-be-called-mister" Luv, didn't you? The early bird catches the --ouch!!


yes!!! finally a hot design. ten out of ten. and an i'd buy this.

i like crows....


nice design and the position complements the image i think. however, the slight details such as the wires across the bird and the dotted texture and probably even the text and heartbeat are two fine to come out in a screen print. so unfortunately it would not work. review this and fix the problem and perhaps post it again. but other than that its a nice design, something threadless is lacking of late.


give me 10 of em... i like... not sure bout the tee colour.. is it a khaki beige? needs more camel...i'd go for the dark creamy colour you used for the little box 10 min bit.. i like THAT colour! or maybe a little more beige and not so yellowy... i dunno but yeah i'd buy one!


i'm just not sure what its about or what it means
it looks good enough tho so you don't have to explain anything
but i'd prefer if there was something i could tell my friends if they asked me
"cool shirt. what's it about?"

just asking anyway...
did i mention it looks good?

liquidgraphix profile pic Alumni

i like this one, very cool...need some spatial perspective though, with the birds, so it doesn't look pancaked (stacked on top of each other, for the lamen)

DSNLG profile pic Alumni

@liquidgraphix: Actually, they are stacked on top of each other. It's just a graphic treatment. No intention of perspective or realism.

@knivesout: I think that anything that can be communicated in a tee shirt is best left unsaid. This design attempts to say nothing at all. It was conceived on purely aesthetic grounds as an escape from the responsibilities and obligations to third-parties like clients or employers.

@anistrophic: The text on this design is rather small too. If it's an issue I'll address it but for now I'll leave it be.

Cheers and thanks for the comments all.


A great design! Perfect placement, great colors, correct tee color. A cool shirt to wear.


Your shirt is really awesome!!! I liked the colors and the image!!!


I love, love, love it. Beautiful work and what a craftsman. I'd certainly purchase this one.

liquidgraphix profile pic Alumni

oh, well if you meant it to be like that, then i stand design, like i said before


really nice idea, something different. lovely


The placement of the image is wicked unique. I love designs that successfully challenge the conventional. Nice work.


I'd like to own this shirt. It would be one of those that I wore more than once a week, an anthem shirt - if you know what I mean.


Nice design and colours.
Understated and controlled.
I Liiiiiiike!!!


i love the contrast.


yeah, this is rather good!


Your Mum must be soooo proud of you! Did you send her one?


Firstly, top notch stuff. I've seen how this evolved so I know the context.

The one thing I'd like to see (being critical here) is more texture in the largest ground element (to contrast the already-flat black crow). Seems to be too much block out of balance with the textured orange elements. OR make that brown block less contrast-y with the t-shirt color.

I could also see the overall size of that grounding element reduced, so that the smaller orange block actually appears a bit behind the crow's tailfeathers.

Aside from all this nonsense, I'd still buy the damn shirt.


the best shirt i have seen on here for a while - you could print that the way it is you would just use a little more pressure and take you time - it is all about the design an - let threadless worry about how it is printed - this i would wear...


I would wear this shirt - the colors are great, and it's an interesting composition of shapes...


this shirt is amazing. its so death cab. heart heart heart.


hot hot hot. thats all that I can say..


Don't mean to sound repetitive... but your design rocks — 5 from me.


just fuck me up the ass with a knife, i n ee to duie

DSNLG profile pic Alumni

@droungk: "better, more original birds?" WTF are you talking about? Those birds were hand drawn in illustrator--based on photos that I took. Of course "better" is subjective but if you're implying that those birds are a rip you're way off base.

@everyone else: Rock.


su_weet.. 4.


BRAVO! my first x-5 since outbreak girl...

green duck

I really like the design and colors alot, but I'm not digging the logo placement. It leaves the rest of the shirt with such a dearth. Enlarge, move it some, maybe up on the shoulder


oohh this is very nice.

bout the bird comment someone said, i think he meant "oh boy another person being 'original' and using birds" but not implying that you ripped them.

DSNLG profile pic Alumni

Ah right. Well, at least it's not another skull and gas mask design. ;D


I'm really happy I voted for this one. Nice design, hope it gets printed


This shirt needs to be printed. pronto.


very nice work ^^

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