• by Squall91
  • posted Dec 15, 2003

I bet you can buy this crap shirt RIGHT NOW at Hot Topic.

Watch this

That shirt's not good enough for hot topic.

you get a 0 man..what the hell is that.


why does t-shirt like this have score?


Your mom was wrong


If you wear this shirt to school expect to be in the hospital very quickly. That's a shirt just calling out for you to get hit in the face. Trust me. I had a shirt with a target on it once long time ago.. I NEVER wore that again.


my mom says comments are not cool. You should know that people here become angry when they see text-only-tees.


This has more scores then mine??
sad ..


Can you feel the love in the house?

I have a version with a graphic too, but as all good designers know, sometimes pure text is the best way to communicate something.

Nikiloda, usually just buy tees and look at the designs myself, from looking around I can see what your saying though. It's all a little bit bizare to me.

Maybe there should be a work in progress section :o) makes suggestion


PEOPLE......simply don't score this shirt. No one says you have to give every shirt a score. Just press the nest submission button on the right and move on !

oscar alexander

Illustrator has more to offer than the text tool mate :(


wow that's so lame.


it is lame but atleast he didn't use helvetica!

alex costa

my mom says the same thing


im not really down with this one. i guess the phont is a plus. it reminds me of hot topic shirts like "stop looking at me, im a fucking lame ass goth" or "hey im not crazy just psycho" or some lame ass shit like that. BUT!! yo, i love the positive stuff. it reminds me of a shirt that says, " somebody in idaho love me"

in a nutshell friend, i wouldn't pay 15 for this one.


I wouldn't pay for this when I could grab a marker pen and write it on one of my plain white t-shirts.

A little effort wouldn't go amiss!


This shirt already exists.

I know a kid who has it.

He's a total nerd.

And not in a good way.

Nuff said.


i think it's a joke shirt.......funny how people jump on an idea, maybe that was the idea- to see how people react?

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