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  • posted Sep 30, 2005

So, we were going to do a back-to-school sale for you guys. Then a group of independent goverment scientists brought some research to our attention... WEARING OUR TEES WILL MAKE YOU SMARTER! "Eureka!" we exclaimed.

Eureka, indeed. Thus, we bring you the Threadless $10 Mid-Term Sale! All you have to do is buy a new tee and wear it to your mid-terms. You will be "guaranteed" to ace your exams! Plus you get free Threadless pencils with every order!!!!

The sale ends Monday, October 3rd, so get em now!

Note: If you've ordered in the last 6 hours, you can email customer service to get a refund of the difference in prices.

Also note that we are waiting until the sale is over to put up new shirts.

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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Now I'm just waiting for the new shirts before I order.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great!!!


EZFL profile pic Alumni

Also note that we are waiting until the sale is over to put up new shirts.

that sucks.


Man, I didn't even see that note. That's a drag.

Geoff G

Gahh. bad note.


Bort, likewise the other day.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

well i got some shirts i've been meh..HUZZAH!

thanks again threadless crew :)

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

No... No new shirts today?


No new shirts? u.u That sucks.

A lot

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I just spent close to $150 on shirts over the past few weeks/month ... FUCKIN STOKED YEY!!!!!!!!!!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Yeah a Sale. Thank You Threadless. Someone had to say it. I know this place has been asking for one for ages now in the blogs.

So I say again.


and thanks to whoever it was that Streetteam Pointed me today, you ROCK!


Nap before class, wake up and see this. I was waiting for some type of discount to get Burn.
I have my first midterm next Wednesday (yes, it is insane). You guys better have it here by then ;)

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Hey, since my order from a few days ago is still in processing and hasn't shipped yet, can I at least get a Pencil?

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

^ i gave u the points bort...waaaay overdue for your kickass illustrator template!


oh man... i just bought motovino a couple days ago... why didnt I wait?!



Just got Burn and Motovino.
This seriously made my day. You don't even know.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

..sales are a good time to get some holiday shopping out of the way..


gossssh i got so excited, but you're sold out of the shirts i want. also, i'm probably going to want one of the new ones on monday.


azrielen profile pic Alumni

Yay sale! Woot! I just ordered Red CLoud Sunset, Yo-Fu, and Sally Finds a Stray! <3 Threadless like whoa!


thaannkk yoouuu threadlesss!! <3

johnny vodka

hooray sale...except when you can't get to the checkout it kinda defeats the purpose. The page keeps timing out, probably because of high traffic...but I can't get to buy any shirts because of it.

It took forever just for this blog to open. sigh...guess I'll spend my money of liquids that kill my braincells instead of shirts that'll help me on an exam.


All the shirts I like are sold out.
But, I got most of the ones I wanted already :P


bought motovino and carbon a few days ago...should have waited, but carbon couldn't have waited long lol

I may buy one or two shirts though, if I can get some streetteam points in time...

Awesome sale though.

Reverend Cheddar

Damn it ! I bought Carbon and Motovino last Saturday, why couldn't I wait ? lol...

I always get kicked in the pants before a sale. Blast it.


I was going to buy a shirt, but I’m hoping something better will get printed. Damnit I was looking forward to new shirts all week. :(


i'd prefer new shirts to a sale. does this mean new shirts on monday or next friday?


I was just going to ask the same thing.


Awwww, sold out of all the shirts I want or there's no more girly smalls. :[ cries I got so excited too...


fuck i have 20$ because i just signed up for the SAT and bough 4 shirts and 2 cds.
i have to beg my sister to buy me some :(


actually no i have 12$... i dont know what happened to my money :(
atleast there are only two shirts i want


I just purchased two shirts a couple days ago.
rawr. but perhaps I'll buy some more?

"Also note that we are waiting until the sale is over to put up new shirts." no reprints either? bahh.


What if I want the pencils?
I ordered yesterday... and it already shipped? Were u nice enough to send me some?


Is it just me or did some of the shirts that were sold out a few hours ago all of the sudden is in stock again?


No it's not just you, that happens sometimes after something's sold out, they'll count what they have on the shelves and put it back up if there's a discrepancy.

Leslee on sentence.


Thank you again, Threadless staff!


Oh wow, you guys are serious about the whole pencil thing. haha, that's great. I'm seriously going to use mine. That or frame them ^.^


Dammit, I just bought like six shirts last night.


Wow...there's shirts that have been sold out for weks that are up again. Yay for flowers in the attic!!!


wow, threadless really does love us!


wooh! bring me luck for my midterms!! hehehe
/me goes on a shopping extravaganza [with the remaining tees] =P

johnny vodka

which shirts do you guys think will survive the sale?



Girls' Goatse doesn't seem to be moving too quickly.

Luis Daniel

thank you threadless gods...I just bough medio victim, motovino and urban jungle....good times...


anybody else having trouble checking out



It's awesome that Threadless had a sale.

However, it is not awesome that every shirt I wanted to purchase sold out. Wtf.


Reprints after sale, plz?


Ya... every shirt I want is sold out as well... argh.

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