You Spin Me Right Round

  • by lakanen
  • posted Nov 18, 2003

what is it? car from blade runner?

Watch this

a zoom would be helpful

Curious Gav

correct.. flying police car from blade runner


It looks too garage nation. Sorry, uk garage....very bad..

Curious Gav

says the guy with no submissions..


Nearly great... It looks a bit too obtrusive at the mo, and I don't like
the 'spinner, spinner, spinner' type. Maybe if it wasn't on a white tee?

Curious Gav

ok.. thanks for the constructive feedback Eat Design.. i see what you mean about the type..
Originally the image went horizontally across the chest right to the edges with the intent of slightly wrapping round to the sides.. hence the rushed barcode-line-thang at the bottom..
Dont agree with the colour of the Tee comment..White Tees are rather fetching if you ask me.

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