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I want to thank you all for voting on my t-shirt design (Fill Me Up!) and for your comments & critics. I hope it gets reprinted for the people that still want to order this tee. For the people that don't understand the illustration, here is a little description of 'Fill Me Up!':

It is called "Fill Me Up!" because as you can see, the heart is empty and is being (re)filled with some kind of pink fluid, which represents Love. I first wanted to call it "Love Me", but I changed my mind, it was a little bit too lame.

Thanks again for your votes!
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Hm, kindof delayed response. But it's still cool to see designers being grateful for such things.


uh very late. and yes, i really do hope it gets reprinted too. congradulations and thanks for blessing threadless with a great design id murder for.

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Yeah, sorry for the late response, but I haven't been here for a long long while... been busy with other things. But I think I'm going to make some new t-shirt designs now.

hi-fi gods


but don't do another heart one, k?



I want it reprinted so badly... its gorgeous. i only found this website and all the t-shirts i really want are out of stock. everyone spread the word to bring it back! :)


I love this shirt! I GOT SO MANY COMMENTS ON IT!... It totally represents how I feel...Once I saw this design I freaked! I had to have it...brilliant job!


( ^ _ ^ )


I really like this design. But I don't like yellow :( Would it be possible to reprint this on black if it gets reprinted? :)


same here... i bought it..however the color is not my fav. my friend will like it


cool dude! i got this shirt from my friend,molly(love u molly!). and i like it! =)


My first Threadless T!! It was a total score at 5$!! I win!
Thanks for the design Shockolate.

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