Hello, Lover.

  • by ¥s
  • posted Oct 31, 2003

god damn nice

Watch this
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Thank you.

Here is the color setup:

It can be done with 4 colors, but 5 makes this shirt BOMB.

1) Dark brown outlines / maple leaves
2) Grey shadows
3) Pink dress / makeup / oak leaves
4) White dress trime / apron
5) Silver metal blade. (optional)

If this design happens to win, i would hope threadless would spend the extra cash to get the metal blade. If it doesn't win, the design will be printed by my clothing company launching in Autumn 2004.



This shirt is amazing. Classy!


haha..love this one..i'll have one please!


Its 5 o'clock and his car rolls in the drive. Dinner isn't what's waiting for him tonight.


Oh, and the knife should have a shadow to better the depth.


I like this alot.

"i want to know what it feels like to kill a man."


You must be mistaken. The boxes are close ups. The design is just the woman and the leaves.

The choice shirt had no inspiration for this shirt. This is an illustration from a photograph I took. View it here:



the knife is supposed to be subltle... If it were highlighted, i feel it would take a different tone than the graceful leaves and hair have already set.


but if they wanted to go the extra mile and add a 5th color, it would be silver metallic.....which would catch your eye.

i wish there was a way to show this on the graphic.


I agree about having just those close up boxes and maybe some leaves on the shirt. I realize you're just trying to show the details but it adds some mystery not being able to see the rest of the scene. Reminds me of Aronofsky's quick cut filming in Requiem for a Dream. With just those three scenes you let the viewer do a little bit more work which I enjoy. And in the first box, it looks like she's waving hello or goodbye but you can't see to whom she is waving which is adds a huge element of the unknown to the whole story.. and on a friggin' t-shirt no less. The way the shirt is now, we assume we are seeing the whole scene because there's no "box" limiting our view. One of the best designs I've seen in this whole competition. Thank you for giving me something decent to look at amongst all this trite crap.


wow, thank you!

There is SO much being said with this piece. First of all, we have to ask ourselves is she waving hello or goodbye? Both. That smile hides more than happiness to see her lover.

This image tells a story and you can figure out what is happening when you look at it long enough. Most of the best designs on this site are gorgeous to look at, but are hollow and meaningless. I tried to create something with substance, but I kept it simple, clean, and free of clutter.

The thought crossed my mind to put some sort of logo or text promotion for my personal design, but then realized if I did that, it would take the ART out of the Tshirt design.

the schwa

This is very magnificently beautiful. I could fall in love with the girl with the knife. Amazing!

Gina Marie

I really really like this. very impressive.


That's very impressive....I would definitly rock this shit....You truly are a genious when it comes to art...I'm your number 1 fan....

i love you


i would change the black lines into shapes with a little more body to them. it just seems to lack depth.

I really cant stand the newfangled way of putting the design in a bottom corner, i just like to sport it on the chest. a little off to the side is ok as long as it has good reason, but seriously, way down over there?

great illustration, but could definitely be improved, which is only a good thing

nopattern profile pic Alumni

Yes it is a nice design but you should let your words be few and simple like you'd like your shirt design to be...you needn't explain everything that went into production of the shirt. if it is what you say it is, it should speak for itself


feet mess up the pose.
apart from that its quite nice, and i wouldn't worry about the 5th colour.


Hey this it's my sexy submission page, i'll do what i want. I was concerned about the feet for a while too, but if you look at the photograph it matches up....so whatayagonnado?

nopattern profile pic Alumni

a tad pompous are we?


I'm sorry if my comments led you to believe that. I was only quoting South Park. I don't want to start anything.


The graphic is unsettling. The woman is dressed so innocently, and the leaves are so benign...but the knife makes me nervous. Good use of drama, dude!




Really nice, with a superficial similarity to the Choices tee-shirt, but a complete difference in tone. I hope that similarity doesn't hurt your design, because they're completely different. I own the earlier shirt, and I wouldn't feel a repetition in owning this one too.

Choices is a pretty malevolent piece from the off, whereas this one has a slightly more unnerving gaiety to it. I wonder if she's even aware that she's got the knife in her hand, in a killing hold. Disturbingly reminds me of Halcyon, the Orbital song, and the video to that song.

Also, the placement is cool. I'm wearing a Viewtiful Joe shirt with similar placement, and I've used it on a couple of my own designs, so I can't complain.

A definite 5!


if this is printed. (and hope to god it is) i WILL buy it.


why is the figure drawing so distorted?....Is this intentional or just bad figure drawing?


it is drawn exactly from a photograph I took. The stand she takes is a bit akward, her torso is turned, that is why it might appear to be 'distorted' as you said. I don't think there is a problem with it. see link above for details.


simply amazing. by far the best design ive seen.


i agree, it does look a little distorted, after looking at the picture i see it better, but people arent looking at the picture, it looks like her feet are pointed the wrong way, and that the arm holding the knife just looks awkward and like it hurts the way the wrist and arm is bent. i think a little more shadding might fix it, instead of just shading on the white because everything else on her looks very flat and adds to the distortedness.


Chrisxtopher. Thank you for the constructive comments.


If this design does happen to win, it will be fixed.


this design makes me want to put on my apron and start stabbing. good work.


from one artist to another: this is lovely! the expression you got with the tilt of her head and eyes is terriffic. 5 gold stars for you!


why does she have two right feet?


I Likes! I can relate to that one at times! ;)


i love your shirt and you.

they're wonderful! <3


i love it, better get printed


dude, i felt compelled to check out this design due to the sheer number of comments, upon doing so i gotta say that the design is ok, nothing spesh, and definitely not an original concept, but what really bugs me is the over analysis that has occurred here and your need to justify every criticism, ahhh i feel better now.


Im sorry, DIMO. I didn't tell people to comment- in fact, now that I'm getting shit for it, I wish none of them did. Personally, I don't feel there is a problem with an artist wanting to explain his work. This being my first submission, I hadn't properly prepared my image and information, so I commented things as I realized they might be a misunderstanding. FORGIVE ME for caring what people think. I'm not a seasoned threadless vet like most of the others here. Best of luck to you and your design.


and besides, non of the votes matter. There is a panel, and when they select the polar bear girl shirt, we can all stop this nonsense and get back to our normal lifes. damn you threadless! you've consumed my life.


Welcome to the world of jealousy and bitterness. May i take your coat?


love it really........its a beauty

nopattern profile pic Alumni

this whole thread of response to the shirt is obnoxious, over-analysis, and unneccasary. let me say that no t-shirt design, especially this one, needs this amount of explaination and scrutiny.


Hey man, I came here from the Academy mailing list...that is one badass shirt, I will definitely buy it and hope I don't have to wait til august '04


wow..cool..print it..

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