Team Testosterone

  • by Joe Biam
  • posted Sep 22, 2003

Team Testosterone Performance Parts! :-D

It's cool Ladies you can join too.

Well voters bring the pain!

Watch this

The picture is really well done, unfortunately team testoserone sounds like some Fratboy thing


complete with two nuts. :) how...lovely

it is very well done..


I agree with abelincolnjr.

Joe Biam

Yeah, it does. It is a line of shirts I was trying to put into market, but I shot one in for my first submission. I got some for the ladies coming too.


is it just me or are the sleeves extra huge... i like the design though


I would never wear this, but I know droves of people who would. If you're trying to actually put this to market, I think shirtmakers will jump all over it. Excellent design.


I got two nuts for you if you think I'd wear this frat rag.


The nuts on their own would work v well. a 5 if you lose the rest!

Joe Biam

Actually with me never having gone to college, i barely see the frat association, but I can understand tho. The designs were actually built around a fictional Racing Team that I created, whilst dreaming of a way to get rich. Come to thionk of it I got a frat inspired one that I can submit. Thanks for the ideas peoples.

BTW, did anybody notice that they upped the ante for winning designs?


That type is very bad. Sorry. I think it would work a lot better with a more simple typeface. Conceptually it's nice.

nopattern profile pic Alumni

does anybody have shoulders this fat?


nice nuts shame about the rest of the design



It's for football players.

pretty cool design, but you'd never catch me dead with the word testosterone on my shirt. I'm a man, I don't need to prove it with a shirt.

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