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  • by Nikiloda
  • posted Sep 15, 2003


Watch this

i also don't quite get this??


You'd have to view my sites to see it, it's just a logo. Simple stuff. I should have shown it at higher quality on here. If there's anyway to remove it, could someone please do that?


ok, I'll buy the shirt that has your logo on it.... naaauuhhh!


looks like habitat's eps..


Negative Ghost-Rider! Try again.


Ignorance must truly be bliss. This isn't any kind of self promotion, I just put something up that I thought was nice, excuse me for putting up something personal and not something someone already created. I'm sorry I didn't throw a face or some text on the shirt. Maybe next time.

Art is going to hell.


So then I said to the bartender, "I have to go to the bathroom." And he was like, "No you don't."


nice houseofsprouts. the shirt however, not good.

gammo profile pic Alumni

art? nah.


the logo is nice, it's just the same one I see on your site so I would assume right away that its self-promo. I dunno.

Joe Biam

Actually Litany, in my opinion, it's not a bad graphic but when you start looking at the placement, I think that it only works with an established brand or a more provocative design. Its more likely to appeal to and sell if it is offered to your site visitors.

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