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  • by bknapp
  • posted Sep 01, 2003
Watch this

i like the concept. all it takes is a surfboard to get me interested. but the car feels too posed and commerial. the palm trees are perfect.


It is from a photo I took. I just drove by the car just like that with the boards on top. I added the trees but the car and the boards where like that.


Don`t like the white sircle with the F (or what it is), but I love the rest.


that logo with the F is´n a good idea


Just because you traced a photograph doesn't mean that the illustration is correct. Photographs can have distortions, you have a shadow under the car and the palm trees originate from this shadow....where is the shadow of the palm trees?

By taking a photograph and just tracing over the top of it and then vectorizing the image you are missing out vital components of the design process. You should use your photographs as reference and sketch out the design by hand, work out the compostition, perspective, light and shade and the proportions. Refine the sketch untill it works and looks correct. From the sketch do a working trace and then scan this in and vectorize it.

If you cut corners it will be evident in the design.

Concept good......execution poor.


Wow Billythefish. You've got some big ones on you. How about you go look at and then come back and tell me I can't draw. Oh, and while you are at it, why don't you do something better.


without logo is cool

kilt boy

i like it good beach shirt


i like the car and trees but not the logo (or whatever it is)-it looks too commercial


I never said you coulldn't draw..........I just pointed out that the palm trees should have a shadow. I see that I am not the first person who you have challenged to do better when they have passed a comment that you do not agree with.

I notice that you don't challenge the fans of your work and asked them to validate their opinions. I had a look at your site as requested.....and I can see that you are very adept at character creation.

As for me doing something better.......well I've never done a t-shirt design and my work was not really created for t-shirts, too many colours. If you insist I could email you a couple of my illustrations to disect, but my style is way different to your own kind of stuff and I'm sure we don't want to go down the mine is bigger than yours route.

Keep up the good work brian.


agian, Wow Billythefish. I'm not going to continue this. Maybe next time you critize someone you should try to do it with a less attacking tone. You'll also notice that I have agreed with peoples critisms as well. When a critic some in with such a edged tone as you did, I don't think much of anyone is going to take kindly to it. So feel free to send me some work. You'll also notice that I can use more than four colors. I find it to be a pretty week defense that your work has too many colors for t-shirts. Oh, and there is also the fact that in art and design, the artist/designer is free to take certain liberties in exchange for style, or better composition. So maybe that is why I didn't enclude the shadows of the trees. Ever think about that? Could it be they are simply a graphic element? Could it also be that along with the physics defining shadowless trees that there is a big floating "F" as well? Hmmm...


And to everyone else. I'm going to submit a version with out the logo on it since there seems to be a consensous that it would look better with out it. I like it, but I'd rather have you guys vote it higher. Hey look Billythefish! I'm going for something I disagree with WOOOAH!


YOU GO BK!!! I love it to be honest! Not everything has to be done to perfection, we dont need to take every physics dimension to create something that looks perfect with design! Where the hell are you supposed to put the shadows of the palm trees billy? I dont get your comments or your logic...keep up the good work BK.

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