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Hello! I'm new on Threadless (but I submitted a lot of designs already haha). I came here from the recommendation by a friend telling me about the 20th Anniversary Contest. I have a few questions regarding of printing. I tried searching these questions to no avail. Perhaps I worded them incorrectly.

  1. If a design is approved and printed, is it denoted by the threadless logo and a sample wear on the thumbnail?

  2. If a design is rejected and not printed, will it not be denoted by the logo? Are you supposed to delete them? Does Threadless delete them?

  3. What does it mean to get printed by Threadless? Are you able to sell works that aren't printed by Threadless on the site regardless?

  4. In case my designs are picked, am I able to resize them up to the bottom of the shirt? The editor won't allow me to do that for some reason and will just make me place them in the middle and in square ratio.

Thank you!

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So you are the artist that has been serial submitting lately! :) Cool designs btw! All the designs you submitted are now available in your own artist shop if you put the slider on the right top corner to be "live". So someone can already buy your designs. And when the contest is over they still remain there.


So there is no rejection and need to delete them :) But if your design wins you get the prize money and also they put your design also in their catalog where its searchable and they also promote it.


Ahh so if one of my designs are printed, they will be visible in the search tab? Huh. Alright Thank you! I still have some remaining questions left.

Thomas Orrow
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  1. There is an extra page devoted to products. There is a message reading, this design has been printed.
  2. Don’t delete anything, forget about the logo.
  3. Yes, generally it a non-exclusive offer, unless you have agreed upon an exclusive contract with Threadless. The default is generally non-exclusive unless it’s for a named branded range.
  4. Yes, you can re-size at any point. For printed designs you actually have to re-upload it although this has changed NOW as the new competition states that the submissions are directly from the Artist Shop. So there will be no reason to upload again if everything is good.

As you notice things have been changing. I think the main take away is that there is more focus on the individual Artist Shops rather than focusing on competing. I think it’s a great way of doing things as more people can sell, it’s more accessible and the money is going into the right pockets instead of just staff pick’s favorites the public can just vote with their wallets.

I really like the new Artist Shop scheme and I think it’s fairer for everyone involved. I did recently get printed twice and one design is selling and the other is not. However, I have another design that’s just in my Artist Shop which is selling really well. The second printed design didn’t have any GCs with it and I found it difficult to search for. So nowadays if you ask me if I want a printed design or a design that’s selling well in the Artist Shop, I will say that I just prefer it to be selling well in the Artist Shop.

I was still happy to be printed, but my girlfriend asked me what’s the difference between a printed design and a non-printed design. I said that one has been entered into the catalogue, but I guess that is a moot point now because there is essentially a catalogue of Artist Shops as well. Just promote yourself and create your best work and the rest will follow.

Focus on the artwork, not the contractual schemes as it makes little to no difference if you have a great Artist Shop.

I’m just at a low to medium level income on here, I assume there are some people making heaps like Steven Rhodes. Unfortunately there are also many people making little to nothing (including some very talented designers).


My name is BullShirt and I am addicted to Tom and Threadless. Good thing my husband and dog do not care. Well, my dog does.


Thank you! Everyone! I'd love to create designs for Threadless and I think I'll have my place here for a long while.


These are some question related to printed deigned and how to assign names for different pictures. When a design printed and approved it is devoted as Threadless logo rather than a thumbnail. I case your design is selected and printed you are not able to resize these design unless you have assess to them. It's a good experience to read such informational stuff. Hope to see more like that.

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