feedback please

Hello all, any feedback appreciated, artwork is for the small challenge. Color combo? best option to print onto, color garment? pattern on cup or simple? Print on cup sleeve? anything to add around the design? Thank you.

Watch this

Tiny Zebras actually love coffee? Just joking, I just having fun with the scale. Also pollution affect deeply the food chain. A coffee seems harmless, but is in fact as dangerous as a tiger. just made that up.

karakenio said:

What's the concept?


If there's an eco message to this, what about if the cup was, say, an orange Fanta bottle, instead? The orange of the bottle could morph into tiger(s), or vice versa. So you'd have the traditional threat to zebras alongside the modern (and probably greater) threat to their existence... just a thought!

clementing said:

Thank you guys.

Hello Clementing, i like your designs, can you contact me to tell you an idea that may interest you?

Or leave me a private email contact if possible. Thank you.

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