Spreadshirt is hosting stolen designs...have they stolen your too?

Please check if your original designs have been stolen and uploaded by various users on Spreadshirt. I checked their website and they had five or so different incarnations of my Axolotl Questions design.

You can email them, it seems to be the best channel to contact them at ....

They are very polite and helpful and do their best to delete any offending stolen artworks. However, they might ask for some proof if possible.

Anyways, check if your submissions have been stolen by typing in the title of your artwork into the Spreadshirt search bar, you might be surprised at what various users have copied. Alternatively, you can also use reverse image search on Google.

Keep the money being paid to the original artists! Not hacks copying stuff from Google and Threadless.

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It´s great they have communication skills for this type of issues at least. Did they remove your work from the site already?
Thomas Orrow
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It's an ongoing process, they have been very professional and are trying to do things the right way. They are based in Germany, but their English is perfect and they have been very helpful. Saying that, I've not been reimbursed for any sales so far. Although, at the end of the month I'll be getting some cash for commissions from them.