Bleedin Heart

I totally dig this piece..Reprint pls...

Watch this

reprint the hell out of this one


yes yes...I've been waiting 2 weeks since i ordered..


IT'S HERE....IT'S HERE....!!!!!!!

8bit<----check the shirts section.
I dont know who bit who...but someone has some explaining to do. seriously.
this shirt is so fuckin emo tho. i like the one on better. its got a dotted line and scissors shaped like a real heart instead of a real heart.

Brickboy80 profile pic Alumni

man i just checked out This site bit so hard it took my left arm as well as a design that took me all of 5 mins to produce. They even used the bleeding heart as the name for their shirt.


stfu brickboy you jacked that shit not dobi

dobi owns the ass out of you


its funny.... ive seen both shirts being worn everwhere. its all a matter of who sells the most shirt i guess. gl to u brick boy


dobi is freakin awesome haha


this shirt didnt deserve to win one of the worst winning designs i have ever seen.


you stole this from rob dobi


very nice!

Fletcher Fashion

Just ordered it.

p.s.- who fuckin cares if dobi printed it first?
get over it.
more people will be wearing a fucking awesome shirt.


this design is stolen from dobi.

all killuh no filluh

yeah, it's COMPLETELY stolen.

i mean come on, god forbid two people out of the billions on this earth come up with the same idea!!!!!!!!!!

get a life, guys. it's a cool shirt.


O; The perfect emo shirt (mostly) I like it!


I love this shirt, I got it a while back, the fit is amazing thanks to Threadless, but mostly, this design really gets one hell of a reaction. My favourite out of my hundreds of tees.

biotwist profile pic Alumni

Oh man, I feel like Crud for submitting a design just like this with out know this shirt already existed. worse its a design last I made last year for but never new this place existed


I've had this tee about 9 months and it's rarely off my back, I've got hundreds of tshirts, this is definitely my favourite.


I bought this shirt here years ago...and still wear it to this day.

Diesel 32

rob? is that you?


I just bought this. I hope it reprints soon :)


great design hope they reprint this


i hate this design!! worst design ever!! soooooo emo!! ..0

Hey Mostrico
Hey Mostrico profile pic Alumni

Dobi! finally he gets printed!


so how come this got printed, this is from 3000 days ago, damn!

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