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Some stylists would suggest you dye and perm your hair along, however an honest stylist would ne'er recommendation you wish that. If you've got premed your, please don’t dye your hair inside one month or your hair would burden serious pressure, and also the Perm lotion would 0.5 decrease the result of dye herb.

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Spray fragrance on your hair and let your [remy hair][3] smell good?

Many people need to own the hair within the ads, smelling smart and shinning. however it’s a giant wrong if you spray fragrance on your hair, as a result of the fragrance contains alcohol and also the alcohol would bring away the water in your [brazilian hair bundle][4], then you'd be appliance than the dry herb.

Comb heavily your scalf in order that you'll shake off the scurf? NO, if you comb your scalf heavily, your scalf would get hurt and turn out additional scurf .The nutrition in your scalf additionally would loss. Find more about [Brazilian hair][5].

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