How to Remove/Add Specific Products from Artist Shop

Hello! In the Create a Product section, it's very easy to pick all the products you'd like individually for each design, but I don't see an easy option to remove certain products individually once you've created or generated all the new products from a new design (published or not).

For example, I've added all the mugs. But now, I've decided, I only want the 11oz mug.

How do I remove all the other types of mugs (latte, travel, etc)? I see I can create individual pricing and discounts, but I must be missing it.

Thanks for any help!

For Reference:

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I am fairly certain that you can only remove all size mugs, the same would be true for throw pillows, or tote bags. Either you sell mugs or you don't. But probably a threadless staff person can confirm.
Thanks! Well, in the original Create a Product section, they let you pick each item individually. I was hoping there would be a way to remove them the same. Perhaps Staff can confirm this?
Ah, you are right! I haven't added a product since they updated the UI. Interesting. I did check before replying to your OP, and didn't see any way to choose just one type of mug. Now I am curious about the answer.
I can confirm that you can choose to sell only one type of Mug, but you cannot choose to only sell one size of that mug. So for the Standard, you will have to offer both sizes. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks, Billy
Thanks, Billy, I understand that, but I'm asking is there a way to remove the Latte and Travel mug options from your store after you've first added them when creating the products? I don't see a way to remove them, only editing prices and artwork, individually. The latte and travel mugs are tapered, so some designs don't translate well to them and I'd like to remove that option without having to create a brand new product and omitting them during the product creation. Something I could have admittedly done already, but I just thought/hoped the option might be there. :)
@bcarlson41 did you ever answer this question? The travel mugs with handles don't work very well with images that have background colors and I want to remove that option, but can't figure out how. Thanks!
Hmmm. Well I guess I'm not gonna be selling any mugs then. That's a bummer
I will answer. I have not been able to remove shirts for all products. I want all product designs, but not all items on the collection to show for sale at this time.
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