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Hello all,

I would like to share a revolutionary t-shirt company that will be officially opening soon. We’re curating products that can make a difference in someones life. However, there is definitely room for improvement with our designs and concept so customer feedback is paramount. First, I’ll give you a bit of background:

Max Fulcrum New York is completely flipping the concept of branding as we know it. Instead of representing brands, Max Fulcrum New York allows individuals to represent causes they believe in.

I came up with this concept after realizing the embroidered t-shirts and polos that I loved so much were too expensive, far too common to demonstrate individualism and represented some arbitrary concept with no meaningful impact except to make you feel cool. I thought, “Why couldn’t I look trendy and create real world impacts!” The answer to this question laid the groundwork for Max Fulcrum New York.

Max Fulcrum New York is for people who love the salient feature of a well-designed embroidered image on a fashionably cut and well-fitted shirt, but also want their purchasing decisions to benefit the overall well-being of our planet -- all of this at a fair price.

MFNY teams up with top-rated non-profit organizations to help fight a wide range of global issues (fulcrums). Each time you purchase a Max Fulcrum tee, you are directly impacting the lives of other people, helping to conserve our environment, or saving a species from extinction.

Example: If you were to buy Fulcrum #2 ~ Clean Water, you would be providing someone in a destitute setting with 18 months worth of sanitized drinking water.

We are keeping it simple at first: there are four different logos each coming in black and white tees. Expansion can have us producing a huge variety of t-shirts supporting all sorts of global issues. We want to work with our community to build these products and allow them to wear clothing that not only spreads awareness and demonstrates your support initiatives but also has real world impact.

Learn more at:


We want to get your thoughts on our products and designs and answer any of your questions as well.



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