need a collaborator

I write and not much else. 'My morning coffee whispered, can you come out and play". I tried to put that in the MUSE contest and it ricocheted. I see a collaborator gets 50% and that's fine with me. I will not bother you with my ideas about color and style, since I don't have any.

Watch this

how about no


Thank you for responding carolina404 The words are my thing. I would leave the other parts of design to those more qualified. This phrase on coffee was taken from a short story I wrote. I suppose an image of a coffee cup with rising steam could be used. Maybe inset with elements of a dream, trees, childhood, or more mature fantasy’s. These things I leave to you, as well as font, color and which clothing articles to use. Also be advised, I am old, my computer skills are point and click. I count that as two skills. I understand the concept of social media, and that’s about as close as I have gotten to it. I don’t even text. Absurdity is the ground of which I make my last stand.

If it interests you, for the posting I have, MAKE IN GOD’S IMAGE, SCALE MODEL. I was thinking a small silhouette of, John Travolta, from, Saturday Night fever, with his hand in the air. Beside this is an image of God from the Sistine Chapel with their fingers almost touching. Poignant?

I wish you well Prosebog

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