Advice Please

My main concern is if I should keep or remove the little wire design in the middle. Is it too distracting? And is there too much grunge?

Watch this

But... what is it?


I was going to call it "Between Two Worlds". And it's really nothing more than what you see haha...Mountains on the bottom and mountains on top


I don't think the design in the middle adds to the piece. Honestly it may be blended in too much. At first glance it looks like a pepsi logo...maybe if the mountains went horizontal a little more it would help. Another idea might be to make the logo bigger (and brighter) and make it the attention grabber and let the mountains support the image...just a thought


I really like the colors but in my opinion I think the design will look better if it was round


Now that you mention it, yes I see the pepsi resemblance...I submitted it but with 3 different variations. Hopefully you guys like at least one of them. Thanks for all your input!

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