Would love to hear feedback!

Greetings! I would love to hear feedback and votes for my 2nd Threadless submission! It's titled Topographic Love and its for the National Parks contest.

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Ryder profile pic Alumni

overall it's not bad... it's just kind of weird on the tee... meaning, you didn't design it for a tee, you designed it for a poster.


also forest has one r.

taz-pie said:

also forest has one r.

Maybe it's a place "for rest", geez taz!

Fo realz though,

Spelling debate aside, I think this would be cool as an allover print (I'm sure there's a real term for that) using the shirt color as your base color.

NDTank profile pic Alumni

Mt. Derriere...

lxromero profile pic Staff

Yeah this could have been cool as an all-over print and then you could have had Mt. Derriere over the butt.

NDTank said:

Mt. Derriere...

You missed out the one about the dark forest trail.


Interesting concept. Don't ask why lol, but it reminds me a little of camo :P. I think it is a interesting design, Might be kinda cool to have various levels create some type of design.

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