Submitting designs to Threadless

Watch this

Hey, don't feel so bad. There used to be a zero!


need to bring that zero back


1s don't matter in the end, see? =D


I'm guessing that 1s are usually given out of spite. Why not skip a design and not score it at all if it's bad instead of giving it a 1?


^ Nope. If a design is bad then it deserves a one. The problem is downvoting to (try to) cheat the system, as in the above example. It obviously doesn't matter for prints, but it sucks nevertheless since scores are (should be) the only objective criterion designers get to assess their progress, relatively to the target demographic.


@manupix Yes but then you realize that design has over 1400 scores. Most designs are lucky to get over 100 votes because they're often downvoted to hell before they even stand a chance.

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