Nautical SUBBED

Had a couple ideas for the nautical challenge but wanted to see what people thought before I spent any real time fleshing them out.


Wasn't sure if a How I Met Your Mother reference would be ok or not.


Watch this

The crab octopus thing is the cutest. I don't watch HIMYM so I don't know what the joke is on the second one. :)


Is the yar! a font? If it is why not just handwrite that? I've received the same suggestion everything my text starts looking samey samey.


It's nice and cute, ready to sub IMO except it's not really nautical (should have more to do with boats, sailing and stuff) but that can be said of many entries too.


Hahah got the joke from HIMYM, but mostly because you've mentioned it. Not sure if it would come to my mind as a reference. Still cool though, you can still work on it, seems it could go well! I really like the octopus one though! :) Good luck

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