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Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four challenge winner is here!

196 designs /
printed design / 75,552 votes placed

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The challenge was

Create a t-shirt design inspired by Marvel's Fantastic Four.

Separately, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing are capable of incredible feats, but when they combine their super powers, they’re downright fantastic. Your challenge is to create a design inspired by Marvel’s first super hero team, the Fantastic Four.

Pay tribute to any aspect that makes this super crew special: Mr. Fantastic’s rubbery limbs, the Thing’s rocky skin, or the group’s legendary friendly squabbles. Help the Fantastic Four explore parallel dimensions and hidden civilizations or do battle with Galactus and Doctor Doom, anything that celebrates their adventurous spirit.

Keep in mind:

  • Use your original artwork.

  • Any characters from the Fantastic Four comics are allowed, but characters outside of the Marvel universe are not.

  • You may not use actor likenesses or any logos in your design.

  • No political or adult content (sex, smoking, drinking, etc.) is allowed.

  • The characters cannot be represented as children or animals.

  • Designs should be inspired by the comics, not the movies. Designs with actor likenesses or details, themes, or elements specific to the movies will not be approved.
  • Challenge Details

    • $2500 cash for the grand prize

    • $500 Threadless gift certificate

    • Other designs chosen for print from this challenge will receive compensation based on the product printed on & the quantity printed.

    Designs From This Challenge

    Fantastic Four


    Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), the Invisible Woman (Sue Storm), the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and the Thing (Ben Grimm) first combined their abilities as the Fantastic Four in 1961. While embarking on an experimental space flight, a blast of cosmic radiation transformed the foursome into a super hero squad, and they’ve been using their extraordinary gifts to combat evil throughout the galaxy ever since.