Fall 2013 Select

The Fall 2013 Select challenge winners are here!

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The challenge was

Design a pattern or graphic for the Fall 2013 Select Collection

For the first time, we’re opening up the design of our Select Collection to the entire community!
Help us create fall-friendly patterns*, graphics and stripes for all kinds of garments including button-down shirts, neckties, rugby polos, cardigans, and dresses.

Ross & Leah have a mood board to share the kind of colors, designs and styles we’ll need for the Fall 2013 Collection. It’s included in the submission kit as well as the kinds types of garments to design for.

Pull out your chemistry textbooks and geography maps and get inspired! Think your favorite collegiate rugby team, the preppy kids at Model United Nations, that all-American classic you’re reading in literature class, and everything else you can find in the hallways on the way from algebra to study hall.

Since this is a unique challenge and we want to make this the best Select collection yet, Ross and Leah are hosting this thread to give feedback over the three weeks this challenge is open.

*Patterns need to be perfectly squared, tiled repeats with any of the following dimensions- 6x6, 12x12, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32

The winner received

  • $1,000 (We need 20+ unique designs for this collection so keep the submissions coming!)

  • If your design is chosen for something outside of this collection, you'll be rewarded based on product printed and quantity produced.

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