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The Earth challenge winner is here!

193 designs /
printed design / 6,203 votes placed

Earth day

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The challenge was

So much more than a big ol’ blue marble floating in outer space

Let’s get down to Earth with this elemental Design Challenge

Just a handful of planets away from the Sun, Earth is where we call home. But Earth in the context of elements is SO much more than a planetary object in our solar system.

For this Challenge, we’re looking for Earth as an element, and what makes this weird place so damned magical. Look to Pagan and Native American traditions and interpretations of Earth. Like Water, Fire, and Air, Earth is a fundamental elemental component, and in a lot of ways is what makes us US. We’re all connected to it, and because of that, connected to each other. Without the Earth element, there would be no life. Like… WHOA!

Consider what makes the Earth as an element so special and unique to us. Or turn that on its head, and go with silly, funny, or perfectly stupid. Look to alchemy, mountains and valleys, seeds, growth and decay, forests, regeneration, and so much more, all interpreted brilliantly through your artistic lens.

With that, you’re now unleashed to terra through this Earth Design Challenge!


Featured designs:
I Only Date Older Rocks by tectoniccity
Magical Crystals // Black by nikury
Monument Valley by waynum

The winner received

  • $500 Cash

  • $500 Threadless Gift Code

  • Plus, anyone who is printed (including the grand prize winner) will receive up to $7 on each tee of their design sold on! Read more...

Designs from this challenge