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White Castle

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The challenge was

Create Your Own "Brave New World"

Big Brother is Watching...You Draw.

Channel your inner Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, & Margaret Atwood and think up your very own "Brave New World" for a dystopian-inspired design. What society-gone-wrong will you think up? Fake propaganda posters for a society of the not-so-near future? Perhaps a commentary on the current state of the world? Maybe comedic gathering of the great dystopian writers of history? An original outlook of plight yet to come?

Dystopian narratives paint a portrait of the world around us reimagined through the question, "what if...?" So binge some Black Mirror or rewatch Blade Runner, maybe pick up that copy of The Giver you still have from middle school, and get creating!


Featured designs:
Make Me an Offer by Mr. Rocks
They Loved the Landscape to Death by dandingerozs
The Entrance by Zhao Xiang

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