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Dog & Frisbee

Design by
ben chen

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The challenge was

Create a design for a tee inspired by dogs

Listen up, dog lovers: whether you like it or not, cats have taken over the internet.

This challenge is your opportunity to seize a little bit of global web ownership back from felines and give it to man's best friend.

Exactly what kind of dog designs are we looking for? Welp, pretty much anything but here's a list of dog types in rhyme to get you in the spirit:
Dogs that shed.
Dogs that sleep in your bed.
Dogs with a tiny head.
Dogs named Ted.
Dogs with street cred.
Dogs who can really shred.
Dogs who work with the Fed.
Dogs who are well-bred.
Dogs named Fred.

OK, we could go on forever, but we'll paws there so you can get started!

The winner received

  • $2,000 Threadless cash

  • $500 Threadless gift code

  • $300 dog prize pack including dog bowls, dog beds, toys and more!

  • Other designs chosen from this challenge will receive 20% royalties based on net profits and a $250 Threadless gift code

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