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The challenge was

Create a design for a dog hoody.

It’s no secret Threadless loves dogs.

Ruff. ruff. Bark, woof. woof.

We’re already printing your awesome designs on dog beds. But now our pups need something to wear as they’re relaxing after a long day of chasing tails and locating lost tennis balls.

BARK. bark. woof. woof. bark.bark.bark. ruff, ruff, ruff. bark, bark, bark. (whimper.)

And now, with the designs from this challenge, they’ll get to WEAR Threadless designs.

woof. woof. wooof. woooooooof. bark. ruff, ruff. ruff, ruff. BARK. WOOF. bark, bark, bark.

Your challenge is to create a design for a dog hoody.


If you need some inspiration, check out the Dogs of Threadless profiles of Billy, Bruce, and Keeva.

RUFF. woof. woof. WOOF. WOOF. bark. bark. bark. ruff, ruff. bark bark, Billy, Bruce, ruff Keeva.

Download the dog hoody template here.

The winner received

  • $1000 cash

  • 3% royalties on the sale of your hoody

  • Any other designs printed from this challenge will receive $250 and 10% royalties on the sales of their hoody

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