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Diversity & Equality

The Diversity & Equality challenge winner is here!

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No Hard Feelings

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The challenge was

Create a Design That Celebrates Diversity & Equality

Human beings are beautiful.

Our individual differences in culture, shape, gender, size, and the color of our skin make the world a rich and beautiful place. Creativity is a universal language that connects us all while also celebrating our differences - in style, in look, and in life. For this challenge, we want you to celebrate the beauty of diversity and equality through art. Because on the outside, we are all boldly & beautifully distinct. But on the inside? We're all the same.


Featured designs:
ReSisters by IT MUST BE A SIGN
Peace and Love by Budi Satria Kwan
Hold On by Camille Chew

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Challenge Details

  • $1,000 cash

  • Threadless will make a donation of $500 to the charity of your choice

  • Plus, anyone who is printed (including the grand prize winner) will receive up to $7 on each tee of their design sold on! Read more...

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