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Zombisarus by iThew on Threadless
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iThew profile pic Artist

For my love of Dinosaurs and Zombies!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Maybe a bit more skin missing from the dino all over and a bit on the face? also, the brains look very human, whereas maybe you could put a small outline of a dino around that brain? I like the idea, even though the moon is a bit huge but the pterodactals are a great touch.


I think the human brain works fine, but I agree that the dinosaur needs to look more zombified. More skin missing, deader, etc.


wow!!! great!! =)


more decomposed spots, just one looks strange


Totally agree, more zombification and this will be a gallon of aceness

iThew profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments guys. This thing has been in the works ffor over year. I probably should have revised it more and made it more zombified but I wanted to keep it simple, and plus I got bored with the design and didn't want to work on it anymore, so I threw it up there. I appreciate all the love and crits!

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