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Watch out because he's got his eye on you! Literally! Feed him some good votes and comments.


Love it! 5$


Ha Ha, nice!

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WoW! Thanks for the early comments! But my zombie is still hungry for more good votes (he loves fresh high ones!)

I also wanna Thank all the peopel that helped me at the critique section, was fun to work on this design to get it to here.


Amazing!!!!! Love the zombies. I'd buy this one. $5


yessssss, glad to see it's finally up for scoring. Good luck and your design is already a winner in my book by your presentation. I can see you really put a lot of thought and creative effort into this.


Blooody:))) Liiike!!!




Great illustration~


Nice one.


I really like it! I gave it a 5. That was an improvement.

I wonder why others voted it so low. 1.88? Seriously? Maybe people just aren't into zombies. Not exactly sure I would wear a zombie shirt (maybe on Halloween), but I definitely like it. I'd like to give it as a gift. Think it should have a higher score though. I wish people would leave a comment every time they scored a 1 or 0. (I never vote 0, unless it's a ripoff.)

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Thanks for your vote and support, AweAndWonder! You know, I had the same thought when I was getting so many good comments, but horrible score. Why don’t people tell me what they don’t like about the design if they are scoring it 0 and 1????

So I made a forum post about it, and Resistance, Dexter Spandex, myteemo and InaCostume (real true fan of the Zombiewatch! :P) quickly solved my doubts by telling me people are not into Zombies and blood/gore. To be honest, there is nothing I can do about that. It was supposed to be funny! I saw there were Zombies tees submissions and some got printed (with a super high score and votes! Search for them on the search bar), so why not try my Zombie character?

You guys don’t dig it, so that’s cool, just let me know what you don’t like about it. I think it might the fact that I did back and front, but to be honest, I was trying to be original and make the first zombie tee like that, since are none. Is it something else? Let me know.

To the rest of you that enjoys my design, keep it up! ^_^


Posted on your blog.

Rating 4 for the character

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Finally ended! Oh damn I was actually kinda happy with 1.90, what happened! Well Zombie, was fun while it lasted, lets get our 1.88 and drink it off!

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@ rbn_says - Thanks! I downloaded flash presentations from here: FLASH PRESENTATIONS You just replace the images 1.jpg and 2.jpg with your own artwork. (but name them like that, 1 and 2)

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