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Zombie Jesus

Design by HalfAcreDay

Zombie Jesus by HalfAcreDay on Threadless
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2427 Votes
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  • 1.95 Avg Score
  • 2427 scores
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steven218 profile pic Alumni
brilliant idea. wouldn't wear it but great nonetheless
too big
it makes me giggle. i want it just so people like ALIADOTONY will glare at me and i'll just smile.
Well executed (no pun intended), but not something I'd wear. I'm glad you explained your reasoning behind it though, otherwise I would have thought it was just bad taste. 4
LMFAO this is so great! $5 and a buy from me. night of the living dead meets christian symbolism. P.S. Britepink, your grammer is insulting.
Christians are too evil to wear this... I'd be scared of getting my ass kicked from here to next Friday.
tomburns profile pic Alumni
THIS IS GREAT!! FIVE 5 and a BUY!! rock on with your zombie jesus!! this has b-horror/comedy written ALL over it!
ok i read something interesting earlier today, and thought i would quickly edit it a bit and mention it here: Christians: Stop taking things so personally. You're giving the rest of us Christians a bad name. Learn to laugh at yourself. I think all the uproar from Christians is symptomatic of a more disturbing trend. More and more Christians seem to think that affirmation from our culture is where they will find their power. Since when do religions need affirmation from television stations, or tshirts? That's a little shallow, don't you think? What we should be doing is practicing our devotion and letting our changed lives speak for themselves. And I've got news for you, Christian. If your faith isn't changing your life enough to make a difference in the world, you've got bigger problems than NBC or a few "offensive" tshirts on Threadless. Daniel's solution in the book of Daniel in the Bible was to doggedly worship God in his own way, and let his life be a quiet and steady witness of his faith. His devotion produced a living and real goodness that even won the heart of the King in the end. And all of this happened because he was not foolish enough to try to change Babylon, but rather changed himself. and yeah, as for the tshirt... uh, can see you worked hard on it, but i wouldnt wear it, sorry! i like the font and colour choice tho!
I love it, I want it and I'd wear it. The style is good, the composition is great, the talent is evident, and the message is hilarious. And as for the so-called christians who have commented above, I'm not seeing very much forgiveness going on here. Baby Jesus is watching you...
ha ha... oh crap. that's funny. real funny. :D I'm scared I'd go to hell for wearing that, though. ;) I'm sure Jesus has a sense of humor though.
Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni
i think it's funny that many of the comments are from people who are afraid of suffering violence at the hands of angry Christians... for those people I say - you're not alone. Entire nations fear, and suffer, violence from angry Christians. Concerning the shirt... it's always in bad taste to make fun of someone's beliefs, emotions, family, race, sex, etc... zero
I want this. I need this. Oh baby, oh baby.
props to HalfAcreDay and taz-pie for at least expressing a more well rounded Christian response than "Jesus + zombies = 0" Personally I like it as a commentary on how not only the world views Christianity but also on the state of the church as the body of Christ in many ways. I cant say that I would wear it to church but I doubt that it would get printed anyway. 4 for the design...i love the text and the drawing is well done too. Also 5 for bringing up a debate that did not turn into calling each other names and referencing other peoples mothers.
Obviously the Christians who are complaining about this shirt being offensive are not paying attention to the text on the shirt. Yes, Jesus is a "zombie" in this shirt. But read the text... Jesus DID rise from the grave!!! AND Jesus wants your soul!!! Cause he wants to save you and he loves you!! That's what makes the shirt so clever! It's not a demonic or evil portrayal of Jesus at all. It goes back to the designer's inspiration-- Jesus must've looked a bit off rising from the grave and all. Maybe take out some of the blood? I think that is a bit exaggerated. Besides that, congrats to you on being different! Many shirts on here rely on overdone puns, but this one is very witty! 5, not sure if I'd buy it though
brilliant and well executed :) $5!!
the jesus stuff is getting old
this is just plain twisted.
i love this
stingerstyler profile pic Alumni
funny, cool, good execution!
Holy I'd Buy It, Batman! Fiven + $.
This is one of those shirts that I would have to buy for all my friends. (And they'd love me forever for it.) $5
I'm a Christian. I don't hate you or want to beat you up, and I would be a hypocrite if I did. I seriously doubt if someone who knows Jesus would come up with this. I hope you meet him.
kaloyster profile pic Alumni
Ho-hum. Seen it before. Been done. Ho-hum. Being too over-hypocrite nowadays is becoming waaayyy too OLD and BORING.
kaloyster profile pic Alumni
Let's try it this way: to those who said they can make fun of religious things/beliefs in public, why won't you try on this shirt in a muslim area: http://www.tshirthell.com/store/product.php?productid=490 and if they chop your head off, now THAT'S FUNNY!
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