One second...

Zombie Donkey... returns!

Design by PsychicTeeth



this is the shit....
awesome illus


Overall impression - Great concept! I would totally buy 1 for myself and sell 100 to my friends (nothing in this world is free anymore, LOL).

Critique - Try to redo the kid's face (needs to be cuter), take out the hat and the sunglasses + Redo the monster's left feet and boom that shirt is a masterpiece!


I gave this a 5 + I'd Buy This, but I have to agree with the comments about the kid. Also, I think that it would work better if the zombie were a little less cartoony (specifically in his face)--the scarier he looks, the more of a contrast you have with the silliness of a kid riding him.

Regardless, I can't wait for some incarnation of this shirt to make it into print so that I can buy it.


I agree - the concept is awesome. A little bit of reworking of the graphic itself (the kid's face looks a little weird) and you've got yourself a winner. I'd love to have this shirt!


haaaaaaahahahaha thats fucking marvelous!! Think the little dude could have done with a wee bit of detail in his body, but other than that - Brilliant, hehehehe!!


I just won this!

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