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love it love it love it

Ste7en profile pic Artist

the right side actually has multiple cacti, sand dunes, an ox skull, and some tumble weed, but it was just for variety

herky profile pic Alumni

great idea and illustration.


If they can do a red glow in the dark ink, Awesome!

Ste7en profile pic Artist

thanks so far everyone,

the "tall cacti" are just spikey vine tree things, completely made up, the other cacti I was talking about are small and in the background.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Dude...as soon as i saw this i thought "someone watched Finders Keepers too!" Highlights is also a valid answer for this kind of style, as well as any other child hidden diagram we watched as kids and also as reruns on the GAS network completely stoned out of our gourds. I love glow in the dark ink and have been waiting for something to use it as more than just window dressing, and you've gone ahead and torn the entire shoppe down! Great job and 5$ to you sir.




i immediately thought of Highlights! great job!


is it sad that i still read highlights in the doctors waiting room?





As always, Glow in the Dark adds a point for me (weird fetish ;P ). That rates a $5, only the 5th one so far...


Highlights magazine...yesss. I loved those...Remember Goofus and Gallant? Now that would make for a great t-shirt design!


Highlights magazine...yesss! I loved those. Remember Goofus and Gallant? Now that would make for a great t-shirt design!

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

COOL. although i do think it's a bit odd that there are a bunch of whole animals and then just a disembodied tiger phantom head floating in front of a tree...
still $

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Fantastic. 5$

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I wanna see!!!!


really good. DOn't like the pink, yello in the dark better. Like the amount of animals

Ste7en profile pic Artist

to address a couple comments, 1) its just the right amount of animals, its all of the chinese zodiac 2) the entire design could be seen as a whole, you would just have to look harder in the light, which I think adds subtle value to the design. Thanks for all the support so far.


Personally, I think it would be cooler if the animals were more hidden and weren't glowing or purple or whatever. The images in the Highlight rags were hard to find since they were camoflauged to look like their surroundings (i.e. a pencil shaped like a plank in a picket fence, a paint brush made to look like a roof shingle, and etc). As it stands, it looks to me like a bunch of animals in a forest. Like specters or something. It's a really cool concept and I'm still scoring 5. Food for thought, I suppose...

.onion profile pic Alumni

I like this a lot :) The glow in the dark idea is awesome! The only problem I have is that I think you should finish the bg design, i.e. don't leave the tree w/o a top and stuff. I also agree with wonpunch- Highlights hidden images were SO HARD! D:


I love it I love it! Please print this! The animals are perfect, I love the use of the chinese zodiac and the fact that you made up plants :) I would definitely buy. $$$$5


I gave it 5. I know it's supposed to be a forest and everything, but I think it would look better on dark purple than green. =D


SWEET... AWSOME...... NICE........



mezo profile pic Alumni

This will make a good shirt to rave in.


i wish the whole shirt would be glow in the dark! the design is not really fantastic but i love your idea, so i'll give a good score since i want this printed too! great!

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