Zippo the Hippo and his Smokin' Jungle Buddies

Design by herky

Zippo the Hippo and his Smokin' Jungle Buddies by herky on Threadless
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Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

this is very well done and hilarious... as joshamman said, id actually like to see the text maybe on the sleeve or back collar, it just adds to the theme so well 5

Big Ed

Buyers should get a flip-top hippo with the purchase of every shirt.


shrink it a tiny bit and include all of the text and this is a 5$ it is 4.


Please add the text and warning label - this shirt is awesome.


absolutely NEEDS both the text and warning label


Haha! $5!

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

It would be nice if there was some smoke coming out of the pipe and off the cigar and the tab end.

Also, what are the the white lines underneath pete the panther? He doesn't have a coke habit too, does he?

Those queries aside, it's great Illustration.


To Tonteau: Those are some of his rolled ciggies.


i agree. put the warning on the sleeve or something. i also agree with theworldinyoureyes. it kind of would look neat as a childrens book gone wrong. you could have "zippo the hippo and his smokin jungle buddies in large letters" and "featuring Percy the "Pack-a-Day" Pachyderm, Wanda the "Pipe Puffing" Anaconda, "Old School" Pete the Panther, and Opus X, the "Cigar Aficianado" Monkey." in smaller letters underneath or something. i don't know. it's funny anyway.


Animals smoking is an ancient source of amusement. Not only poker playing dogs, but many famous smoking chimps, going back to the 19th century. Here, it seems a bit overdone.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

the tiger rolling a fatty is FUKIN' HILARIOUS!


I would definitely buy this and it would be 10 times better WITH the surgeons general warning and text. This is awesome.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

hilarious work, nice illo


i missed this. how?

it's sweet!

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