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finkenstein profile pic Artist

Thanks so much guys!
yes her boob is at an angle.
I don't really think it's spikey, she's just got small boobies, hehe.

franx profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration! Are you familiar with the work of Ippei Gyoubu? This reminds me of some of his stuff.

finkenstein profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!
hey Pifman! I'm a fan of yours too!!


please do the green dude's other leg!
fab design otherwise : )

finkenstein profile pic Artist

The missing leg was a design choice, you also can't see the blue guys legs behind the girl.

If I put those things in, the shape and compositionof the peice would be thrown off. Also, I thought not including the leg would make them seem more disjointed, more like a combobulated mass of people, than just three people walking. It makes it more interesting in my opinion.

I knew I would get a zillion people asking about that damm leg. Hehe.
thanks for the compliments guys!

tunastar profile pic Alumni

I love her boobs


love this

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