You're one important package

Design by Mosquito88

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Mosquito88 profile pic Artist

This shirt makes you important!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

seems a bit too grid-like to really come off like package stickers weren't meant to be there. what i mean is, it definitely looks like a design rather than those shirts that are supposed to look like other things.
it's a good start to an idea that is definitely printable but as is, it's just not as could as it should/could be. play around with the sticks and stick this on a cardboard brown shirt and that would be awesome!


hehe, what about this classic package sticker?

empiricist profile pic Alumni

I definitely think this would look better if the stickers were scattered and tilted a bit. I agree with ginette that their too grid-like. Nice idea and great clean style!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The "buy me a drink" sticker just doesn't seem to go with the rest of them which are parodies of box stickers on tees. Unless it's making fun of the "fragile" glass? Hmm, I think it leaps too far into self-awareness than the others do. Otherwise, listen to what people said here and try again with it.

Mosquito88 profile pic Artist

thanks! I had more versions in the critique section. I started with the stickers tilted, but most people said that was too chaotic. I'll submit another version in about.. 2 weeks? On a sand or a brown shirt :)


i like the idea, the typography could use some work

Mosquito88 profile pic Artist

thanks :)

Resistance profile pic Alumni

5$... always good stuff from you =)

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