You're a failure.

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You're a failure. by drowssap on Threadless
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No, those look like pretty cool inventions to me.


instead of youre a, try youre as successful as...
or something to make it clearer. good idea once i saw the title

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So, it's pretty clear then beerlover? Thanks for the supernerderific analogy i don't get at all. lol. I understand these are some of the very small amount of Nintendo merchandise that bit the big one in terms of popular demand (althought all of these machines had their innovations and their moments, they were all severely flawed and not supported by many games after their respected launches). Love the mock Nintendo coloring and typography, but maybe you should just go without words and just a big red outline around the squares, and an even bigger international sign for "NO" with the circle and the line through it. OR maybe instead of "you're a", perhaps "Now You're Playing With Power?" or "Power-Up?"


this is crazy! i still have R.O.B.! My cousin has the power glove! remember in the movie the wizard when fred savage had to use it! and that virtual reality game my one friend had, AND IT SUCKED!!!! this is pretty cool and i love the concept. there are a lot of younger people on here who dont know about this time and era. we're dealing with the "xbox 360" era now. A BIG DIFFERENCE!


why should you taint the design with a big ugly "circle with a line through it"
it's good the way it is


wow, good one 'the ringleader', bashing George Bush, really original


I don't know if the 'failure' message comes across, but who cares...retro NES, the God-Child of Atari and the doorway to modern console gaming. I love it. Makes me yearn for those hours of simple gaming. I hope they print this...please...I'm gonna say a little prayer for it. $5000000000!


I get this and I LOVE this. The old-school Nintendo colouring totally makes this shirt. Fiver.

Monkey III

I had the robot one!!! ^^


its weird tho, people wont see those as failures, they will see them as like the most awesome inventions ever.


I'd personally love it without the text. Advertising my leety failure at life! YAAAYYY


leave out the 'You're a' and it's a fine gadget tee


J-Ray: "I'm a virtual Reality robot? Thanks =)"

This made me laugh out loud (that's right no acromyns for me) at my desk . . . I think all my co-workers think I'm short bus special now.


Wow....seeing all these comments from people who don't immediatley recgonize a power glove or a R.O.B. just makes me feel old.


I dont remember the 3rd product what was that? or is it made up?

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