Your TV is Brainwashing You

Design by phuel

Your TV is Brainwashing You by phuel on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

too clean-cut for me, i wish there was more style to this. like neon brain-waves emiting from the tv and stuff...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yup, ginette's right...more neon 50's paranoia and it would be a great design. I'd love to see a row of these and a 50's woman opening one of the tv's up like in a laundromat, but either way it's a strong image.


Perhaps a darker color, maybe something to draw attention more to the tv, like little waves or something


lol, brainwash. i love it :)


Aha, awesome concept!
I agree that the yellow is icky and that the design could be made a little more interesting... be careful of adding too much, though, because I do like the simplicity of it.


reminds me of sponge bob


A hit show for zombies to watch? Ok, maybe not.

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