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Your Child Isn't Very Good At School

Design by slaterock

Your Child Isn't Very Good At School by slaterock on Threadless
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funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni stuff!

tomburns profile pic Alumni

i did an idea like this for the blik sub. you're gonna get alot of people saying it wouldnt be good on a shirt, but i think its cool. i think mr alligator could probably stand alon too! ;)


Dios mio
muy mal
VERY muy mal

I do that all the time, combine english and spainish...poorly. Hilarious! 4

slaterock profile pic Artist

Ahh man! This is the first time i've looked at this design on a different monitor, and the somewhat red color looked much more orange yellow on the monitor i designed it on... oh well. Thanks for the comments guys! Tomburns, i checked out your design. Perhaps it's a tad busy, might be why it didn't score as high.


yes with the alligator comments


Auch! Muy mal! Schones muy mal! Very schones muy mal!

I actually write that on bad papers when I'm grading for my English teacher.


Please just make Mr. Alligator!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

If this doesn't go over well....Mr. Alligator needs his own shirt!!!

I actually like them all together, but....I find myself looking mostly at that one, so it'll probably work better alone.
$5 for sure.

slaterock profile pic Artist

I guess the idea of this shirt was for the stickers to appear like they're stuck on the shirt. I guess I could've worked out that effect a tad better.


Agree with all the Mr Alligator requests!

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