Young Love

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Young Love by NGee on Threadless
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I dislike the navy shirt color, but love the design. 4.


I like it, but i'm a sucka for detail so a little more in the children would be nice, I'm liking the string phone though - good job.


i love it, good work 5 and buy

The Unter Schultz

Monsieur NGee - with this design you are really spoiling us! Etcha-sketcha-lente. 5 and a buy my friend... 5 and a buy.


cute ~!! love it ~!!


Aaaawww.. sooo sweet! ;)

NGee profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate them. With regard to the detail on the kids - I wanted the whole scene to be the focus, rather than any specific part of it. Although I only submitted the design on blue, I think it also looks good on light grey.


I AM ALL ABOUT THE SHIRT COLOR - KEEP IT! Im so sick of stuff being put on grey and khaki colors - the two most disgustingly bleh colors in the universe that show the most sweat. I kinda would like more definition on the kids as well, but other than that, I love it.

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